God of the Broken: Is God Mad at Me?

By Aaron Holman, August 09, 2020

We know that we live in a broken world in which bad things happen, but sometimes it feels personal when tragedy strikes. The timing, severity, or repetition of their suffering often leaves people wondering if God is punishing them for something they have done. The book of Job addresses: Why do good people suffer?

Dig Deeper:

Job 1:1

Job was

Job 1:2-3

God had given Job

Job 1:9-11

Satan accuses Job of

Job 7:5

Job 2:9-10

We should always read Scripture

Job deals with the questions and

Job 4:7-8

Job's friends make four points:





Acts 12:21-23

Job 6:24

Job could not understand

Job 8:3-4

Bildad thought that good people suffering would mean

Job 8:5-7

Job's friends urged him to so that God would deliver him

Job 12:5

This way of thinking leads to

Job 7:20

The most distressing part of this experience for Job was

The main point of the book is

Job 42:7

John 9:1-3

Satan didn't understand and neither can the world

How will I respond?

Questions for Continuing Discussion:

  • Have you ever felt that God was targeting you?
  • How should we respond when people question God as they are suffering?
  • Why is the view held by Job’s friends so common?
  • How are Job’s friends wrong?
  • How can a good God allow good people to suffer?

Parent Cues:

  1. This month we are talking about creativity, how do you think God made you creative? Who is someone that you see use their creativity for God's glory?
  2. Take turns saying “God is so creative that he created…” then talk about your favorite creation and why.
  3. Read, study, and learn together this months memory verse from Psalm 145:3. "Lord you are great. You are really worthy of praise. No one can completely understand who you are.

To Read This Week:

  • Job chapters 3-37