Message 2: Romans: How Culture & Conflict Kill The Church (Part Two)

27: The Letters That Define Us

By Pastor Chris Brown, May 08, 2021


How Culture And Conflict Kill The Church

(Part Two of Two)

The plan:

Romans 9-12, 12:1-8

All of us have now become part of for .

However, we are strategically and uniquely for a .

The conflict:

Romans 12-16, 12:9-21, 14:1-10

Our many will create .

We will be hurt by those family.

We will be hurt by those family.

The resolution:

Romans 14-15:9, 16:17

Our one similarity must bring and .

Don’t fight with the of God.

Fight against anything that divides the of God.


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Life Group Study Questions

For the week of May 9, 2021


Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything you heard for the first time or something that caught your attention, challenged or confused you?


  1. Chris talked about how God’s plan is for us to use our unique and strategic differences to build up the body of Christ. Our Life Group participation has given each of us firsthand opportunities to see the members of our group live out how God has uniquely gifted them to serve others. Think about each member of your group and write down one strength, character trait or positive action you’ve seen from each person.
  1. The Apostle Paul begins his discussion on unity and diversity in the Church by first talking about humility (Romans 12:3). He knew we would not be able to use our strategic and unique differences to accomplish God’s purpose if we didn’t deal with pride. Author Thomas Merton observed that “pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.” What do you think Merton means?

Romans 12:3 New International Version (NIV) 3 For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.


  1. In Romans 12:9-21, Paul lists how we need to act if we want to get along with people inside and outside the church. He makes a list of 24 different actions and attitudes he wants us to put into practice. Using the list below…

• Underline any you find most challenging to put into practice. • Circle any you feel like you’re doing a good job of following. • Make a check mark next to any you are unsure about what they would look like to practice in real life.

  1. Love must be sincere
2. Hate what is evil
3. Cling to what is good
4. Be devoted to one another in brotherly love
5. Honor one another above yourself
6. Never be lacking in zeal
7. Keep your spiritual fervor serving the Lord
8. Be joyful in hope 9. Be patient in affliction
10. Be faithful in prayer
11. Share with God’s people in need
12. Practice hospitality
13. Bless those who persecute you
14. Bless and do not curse
15. Rejoice with those who rejoice
16. Mourn with those who mourn
17. Live in harmony with one another
18. Do not be proud, associate with low positions
19. Do not be conceited
20. Do not repay anyone evil for evil
21. Be careful to do what is right
22. Live at peace with everyone
23. Do not take revenge
24. Overcome evil with good

Scan the list above. Next to any item, jot down the initials of anyone who comes to mind that has done a good job of putting that item into action.

If you had to pick one of the items on the list that you think is most needed in the body of Christ right now, which one would that be? How about most needed in your own life?

  1. Humility and pride play a big role in how much our differences create divisions in the family of God. Pride has a way of attaching itself to certain areas of our lives like our image, possessions, strengths and position. In what ways have you dealt with pride in these or other areas of your life?

What things in your life have helped you to be humble or deal with pride?

Can you think of any examples of how your view of humility and pride has changed over the years? If so, explain.


  1. Looking back at “the list,” is there one or two of the items on it you’d like to work on practicing more of in your life?
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