Message 7: Philippians: Getting Rid Of Our Stinkin’ Thinkin’'

27: The Letters That Define Us

By Pastor Chris Brown, June 12, 2021


Getting Rid Of Our Stinkin’ Thinkin’

This letter is personal:

Acts 16

It is a letter with some .

The big idea of a little book:

In the book of Philippians:

Joy is mentioned .

Our mindset is mentioned .

Sin is mentioned .

The main focus is all about and how He should change about us.

I’m a Christian… now what?

We need to realize our salvation is , and .

If we just focus on our and getting , then we will completely miss out on our .

Happiness comes from focusing on ; Joy comes from focusing on .


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Food for Thought for the week of June 13, 2021

(Readings and questions for the further study of the Book of Philippians)


This week’s questions walk through the Book of Philippians. Chris will also be unpacking each day’s focus on the Daily Dose, so you can follow along with him as you answer the questions. Daily Dose: Visit for details to subscribe to this free video devotional.

**Monday – Chapter 1: **Paul lived with the constant possibility of execution. How did that impact what he viewed as important in life and his future? What challenges you most about his view?

**Tuesday – Chapter 2: **Paul talked about humbly living for others. What did Paul tell us as to why we should have this “live for others” mindset? How well do you think you’re doing living for others?

**Wednesday – Chapter 3: **Paul revealed what his confidence was in and the reality that he still had room to grow. What stands out to you about the goal Paul had for his own spiritual journey?

**Thursday – Chapter 4:1-9: **What do you learn about where our focus ought to be so we can experience the joy, peace and contentment Jesus has for us?

**Friday – Chapter 4:10-23: **Paul stated that he had learned the secret to being content whatever his circumstances. What is that secret? How can you apply that secret to your life today?

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