Message 19: 1 John: How To Walk With God

27: The Letters That Define Us

By Pastor Chris Brown, September 11, 2021

1 John

How To Walk With God

#3 The person and purpose behind the book: 1 John 5:13

John simply wants us to know that we have .

1 John 5:13

This is and for John and for us.

1 John 1:1-4

The two big ideas:

1 John 1:5-3:10, 3:11-5:17

God is .

If we walk in , then we walk in the . If we don’t walk in , then we don’t walk in the .Obedience is loving as Jesus loved us.

God is .

If we , then we walk with . If we don’t , then we don’t walk with .

WARNING! We are not the source of either or !

John 15:1-17, Galatians 2:20

There is a difference between trying to light and love, versus light and love.

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Food for Thought for the week of September 12, 2021

(Readings and questions for the further study of the Book of 1 John)


Day 1 – Read Chapter 1 Verses 5-10 speak about the importance of recognizing and confessing our sins. Why do you think we cannot just be free of sin?

Day 2 – Read Chapter 2 The early verses in this chapter reference Jesus speaking to the Father in our defense. Also in these verses, Jesus is referred to as the atoning sacrifice for our sins. What does this mean to you?

Day 3 – Read Chapter 3 Chris captured the importance of loving one another in his message this weekend by saying, “If we love each other, then we walk with God. If we don’t love each other, then we don’t walk with God.” What guidance does John give about some specific ways we are to love one another?

Day 4 – Read Chapter 4 Since God is love, what does John teach us about how we can use God’s example and inspiration to show love to others? Can’t we just choose to love others on our own? Why or why not?

Day 5 – Read Chapter 5 John speaks of the importance of overcoming the world; in other words, overcoming the battle over the lure and temptations of the world. How can we tap into God’s power to overcome the world?

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