Obstacles of the Gospel

Acts 13:4-12

By Stewart McCarter, April 28, 2019

You will always encounter the enemy when you attempt to expand God's Kingdom.

  1. The Missionaries move out (Acts 13:4-5)
  1. Sent by the Holy Spirit
  2. Walked the island preaching
  1. The Missionaries meet the obstacle (Acts 13:6-11)
  1. Who is Bar-Jesus?
  2. Who is Sergius Paulus?
  3. Blatant opposition
  4. The rise of Paul
  1. The Missionaries see success (Acts 13:12)
  1. Was astonished at the teaching of the Lord
  2. Miracle confirmed it

What about you?

  1. Be sensitive to where the Holy Spirit sends you.
  2. Confront evil head-on.
  3. Preach Jesus, and see success.