Jesus is the One

Acts 13:13-41

By Stewart McCarter, May 05, 2019

All of history flows through Jesus.

Preamble (Acts 13:13-15)

-A departed brother

-A new Antioch

-An invitation to speak

  1. GOD SETS UP THE PLAN (Acts 13:16-22)
  1. A brief and abbreviated history of Israel
  2. God protected and blessed Israel
  1. Protected and delivered from Egypt
  2. God put up with them
  3. Gave them the land
  4. Gave them Judges then a King
  5. Gave them a better king
  6. Jump to John the Baptist
  1. JESUS FULFILLS THE PLAN (Acts 13:23-37)
  1. The testimony of John
  2. The message of salvation has come
  3. Misunderstanding led to fulfillment
  4. He is alive and well
  5. Jesus is greater than David
  1. OUR HOPE IS SECURED IN JESUS (Acts 13:38-41)
  1. Salvation is not political
  2. We are free only in Christ

What about you?

  1. God has a plan for you. Are you fighting it or embracing it?
  2. Grab one promise of God from His Word this week and hold on to it.
  3. Have you let the justification of what Christ did permeate your whole being?