Another Brick in the Wall

Acts 13:42-52

By Stewart McCarter, May 12, 2019

If God continues to ask for your obedience and you continue to ignore, God will eventually stop asking.

  1. MIXED REACTION (Acts 13:42-43)
  1. Request for more information
  2. Many people followed Paul and Barnabas
  3. Paul and Barnabas pointed them to God's grace
  1. JEWISH REACTION (Acts 13:44-47)
  1. People showed up
  2. Jealousy grips the Jews
  1. Contradict Paul
  2. Revile Paul
  3. Jews Reject the gospel
  1. Paul turns to the Gentiles
  2. Drive Paul from the city
  1. GENTILE REACTION (Acts 13:48-50)
  1. The Gentiles rejoice
  2. The Gentiles spread the word
  3. Jews of societal influence drive Paul away
  1. THE CONSEQUENCES (Acts 13:51-52)
  1. Paul shakes the dust off his feet
  2. Move to the next place
  3. Gentile believers are filled with God

What about you?

  1. You know where God is asking for a new level of obedience in your life. Write it down now.
  2. Decide right now how you are going to respond to what God is asking you to do. Will you put another brick between you and God, or begin to tear the wall down?
  3. Tell someone close to you this week how you are going to begin your new level of obedience of God and act on it!