Dead End to New Life

Acts 16:6-10

By Stewart McCarter, June 23, 2019

When you do not know which way to go, do the right thing where you are.

  1. EVERYWHERE YOU TURN (Acts 16:6-8)
  1. To what has God called you?
  2. What happens when plan A doesn't work?
  3. What happens when plan B doesn't work?
  1. I HAD A VISION (Acts 16:9)
  1. God speaks to Paul in a way specific to Paul.
  2. A plea for help.
  3. Paul understands God's will.
  4. How to understand God's will.
  1. The Word
  2. Prayer
  3. People
  4. Circumstances
  5. Everyone is different
  1. STEPPING OUT IN FAITH (Acts 16:10)
  1. Immediate obedience.
  2. Knowing God called.
  3. Knowing what God wants.

What about you?

  1. Be a Christian first where you are.
  2. Seek God daily for His will.
  3. When God speaks, do not hesitate.