First to Jerusalem

Acts 20:1-21:16

By Stewart McCarter, February 02, 2020

(Acts 20:1-38) (Acts 21:1-16)

How you live out The Faith impacts everyone around you.

  1. PAUL WALKED FAITH OUT (Acts 20:7-12)

  2. PAUL TAUGHT FAITH OUT (Acts 20:17-38)

  1. Paul looks at his ministry
  2. Paul teaches how to do ministry
  1. PAUL OBEYED FAITH OUT (Acts 21:1-16)
  1. Right facts
  2. Wrong conclusion
  3. Wrong attitude toward the will of God

What about you?

  1. Help someone answer troubling questions about The Faith this week.
  2. Be an encourager by example and teaching.
  3. Do not let the details of the experience determine the destination of your obedience.