Enduring Trials

James 1:1-12

By Stewart McCarter, March 01, 2020

When in trouble, get joy!

  1. PEOPLE IN TRIBULATION (James 1:1-2)
  1. James, Jesus half brother
  2. Dispersed because of persecution
  3. Jewish Christians
  4. In trouble
  1. PROPER REACTION (James 1:2-4)
  1. Count trouble as joy
  2. An opportunity to prove your faith
  3. When you endure, endurance is strengthened
  4. Endurance creates completion
  1. PLACE FOR PROVISION (James 1:5-8)
  1. In doubt, ask God
  2. Ask in faith
  3. Doubting produces failure
  4. Doubting reveals double mindedness and instability
  1. PERSPECTIVE ON CHANGES (James 1:9-12)
  1. Boast in Gods work in your life
  2. Remain steadfast and receive the crown of life

What about you?

  1. Take your tribulation as joy. Decide how to prove your faith in your trial.
  2. Where are you weak? Ask God for wisdom and search His book.
  3. Thank God for your salvation and any loss, knowing our gain is in the eternal realm.