The Verdict of God

Genesis 6:5-22

By Stewart McCarter, April 25, 2021

Righteousness in the inside results in obedience on the outside.

  1. GOD SAW THE HEARTS OF MAN (Genesis 6:5-8)

    1. Not just the thought, the intention of the thought
    2. Only evil continually
    3. God was sorry
    4. Will blot out man
  2. GOD SPOKE TO NOAH (Genesis 6:9-13)

    1. Found grace
    2. Righteous (no act recorded)
    3. Blameless
    4. Walked with God (only Enoch and Noah)
    5. God is going to start over with Noah
  3. GOD INSTRUCTED NOAH (Genesis 6:14-21)

  1. Build an ark (differences from Babylonia and Epic of Gilgamesh)
  2. Decks
  3. All air breathers die
  4. God will “establish” a covenant
  5. Who gets a ticket
  1. NOAH OBEYED (Genesis 6:22)
    1. Noah's righteousness resulted in right action

What about you?

  1. Evaluate your heart. Do you walk with God?
  2. Have you accepted God's covenant of grace?
  3. Determine if you are obedient.