The Proof is in the Earth

Genesis 7

By Stewart McCarter, May 02, 2021

(Matthew 24:37-39) (Hebrews 11:7) (2Peter 2:5)

Since Noah is real, God is a sovereign God who can do what He wills.

  1. NOAH IN THE ARK (Genesis 7:1-10)

    1. The first telling
    2. The second telling
  2. JUDGEMENT IN THE WAVES (Genesis 7:11-16)

    1. The bottom rose
    2. The top fell
    3. God shut them in
  3. IT KEEPS GETTING DEEPER (Genesis 7:17-24)

  1. Higher than the mountains
  2. Everything died
  3. It took 150 days

What about you?

  1. Make God your safety.
  2. Trust what God says in the Bible.
  3. Trust God to save through the worst of circumstances.

Noah's Flood and Catastrophic Plate Tectonics (from Pangea to Today)link: