The Unbreakable Bond

Genesis 15

By Stewart McCarter, July 18, 2021

God makes covenants that stand.

  1. GOD VISITS ABRAM (Genesis 15:1-6)
    1. God speaks His promise to Abram
      1. “I am your shield”
    2. Abram replies with his doubts
    3. God speaks again with illustration
      1. Took Abram outside
      2. Tells Abram the plan
      3. Shows Abram the stars
      4. God makes a promise
    4. Abram believes
      1. Belief counts
      2. It is a trust, a support, a foundation
  2. GOD MADE A COVENANT (Genesis 15:7-21)
    1. “I am the Lord”
    2. Reminds Abram of promise
    3. Abram wants assurance
    4. God makes a covenant
      1. Abram makes a sacrifice
        1. Abram told to bring sacrifices
        2. Abram sacrifices
        3. Abram protects the sacrifices
      2. God deals with Abram
        1. God puts Abram to sleep
        2. God tells Abram the plan
      1. God cuts the covenant
        1. God appears in fire
        2. God makes the promises of the covenant

What about you?

  1. Examine your standing with God's covenant.
  2. Trust God forHis unbreakable promises.