A Triangle of Mistakes

Genesis 16

By Stewart McCarter, July 25, 2021

Playing God always leads to trouble.

  1. SARAI DOES NOT BELIEVE GOD (Genesis 16:1-2)

    1. Sarai feels the pressure
    2. Sarai tries her own solution
    3. Sarai affects world history forever
  2. ABRAM GOES ALONG (Genesis 16:2-4)

    1. Abram makes the mistake of Adam
    2. Abram takes Hagar as his wife
    3. Hagar conceives
    4. Hagar takes the place of Sarai
    5. Sarai demands justice
    6. Sarai blames Abram
    7. Abram restores Sarai's position
  3. HAGAR IS PAID A VISIT (Genesis 16:7-16)

  1. Hagar runs away
  2. Jesus pays her a visit
  3. She is to go back and be subject to Sarai
  4. Her son will be trouble
  5. Hagar gives birth

What about you?

  1. Wait patiently in prayer in every circumstance.
  2. Do not be passive about the will of God.
  3. God can redeem any situation.