Lots of Trouble

Genesis 20

By Stewart McCarter, August 22, 2021

(Genesis 19:1-29)

When we allow sin in our life, we always lose more than we gain.

  1. AN ARRIVAL (Genesis 19:1-3)

    1. They arrive in the city
    2. Lot is at the gate
    3. Lot greets them
    4. Lot convinces them to come home with him
  2. A DISRUPTION (Genesis 19:4-9)

    1. Every man of the city was involved
    2. They demand the “men” to abuse
    3. Lot offers a horrible deal
  3. AN ACTION (Genesis 19:10-24)

  1. Angels repel the men
  2. Angels try to get Lot and his family moving
  3. Lot lingers so the angels drag them out
  4. Lot still debates
  1. GOD'S MERCY (Genesis 19:25-29)
    1. Sodom is destroyed
    2. Lot's wife
    3. Abraham observed
    4. God's declaration

What about you?

  1. God has sent us the messenger by His word. (Hebrews 1:1-4)
  2. God protects us in the presence of our enemy.
  3. God wants us to flee from sin.