Birth and Beyond

Genesis 21:1-21

By Stewart McCarter, September 12, 2021

Do not let your circumstances dictate your birth.


    1. Physically kept promises
    2. Said it, spoke it, right time for it
    3. The word “visited”
    4. Laughter transformed
    5. Ishmael also a nation but…

    1. What is it like to be born a slave
    2. Thrown out for a three year old
    3. Only with provisions
      1. Single mom
      2. No child support
      3. Violent child
    4. But made into a nation
  3. SO THEN

  1. We are both a slave to sin
  2. We are invited to become a son of promise

What about you?

  1. You have to first know God's promises to trust them.
  2. Do not let feeling less than keep you from becoming more than.
  3. When did you take God's offer to become a child of promise?