A Lasting Treaty

Genesis 21:22-34

By Stewart McCarter, September 19, 2021

Live so the world wants to know Jesus.

  1. A TREATY (Genesis 21:22-24)

    1. Isaac's birth triggers a response
    2. Abimelech asks Abraham to
      1. Swear by God
      2. Do not lie
      3. Deal kindly with me and posterity
    3. Abraham will swear
  2. A WELL (Genesis 21:25-32)

    1. There is the matter of a well
      1. Abimelech had given Abraham freedom
      2. Abimelech claims ignorance
    2. Abraham brings animals for the covenant
      1. Common animals
      2. Covenant made (no details provided)
    3. The issue of 7 lambs
      1. What's the deal?
      2. Pay to guarantee that this is my well (see Sarah and silver)
    4. Oath of Wells
  3. A NAME (Genesis 21:33-34)

  1. Abraham plants an evergreen
  2. God, the Everlasting God
  3. Abraham sojourns in the land of the Philistines

What about you?

  1. Do others see Jesus in you?
  2. Do others see kindness in you?
  3. Do you worship regardless of circumstances?