The Road Less Traveled

Genesis 22:20-23:20

By Stewart McCarter, October 03, 2021

We are strangers in the land.

Introduction- God insures the lineage (Genesis 22:20-24)

  1. THE MARRIAGE (Genesis 23:1) A. Long life blessed by God B. Easily 100 year marriage C. Faced constant travel (not home), danger, stranger, hard life lessons, visits by God D. She is honored in Hebrews 11:11; 1 Peter 3:6

  2. THE GRIEF (Genesis 23:2-20)

    1. Abraham cries out in grief
    2. Abraham loved Sarah, she was a true partner
    3. Abraham admits he is a stranger and alien
    4. Hittites show respect
    5. Abraham asks for a piece of land
  3. LOOKING AHEAD (Genesis 23:19-20)

  1. Sarah is buried in honor in a specific spot
  2. The land made Abraham's permanently

What about you?

  1. Your marriage is worth working on.
  2. God is always present when we are in mourning.
  3. Where are you planting your roots?