New Generation, Same Story

Genesis 26

By Stewart McCarter, October 24, 2021

Leave a godly heritage to those who follow behind us.

  1. ISAAC SINS LIKE HIS FATHER (Genesis 26:1-16)

    1. Echos of Abraham
      1. Children are not punished for Father’s sin
      2. Children are influenced by their Father’s actions
    2. Commits the same mistake
      1. Haven’t we seen this before?
      2. Abimelech catches him
    3. Settle in the country
      1. God blesses Isaac in the land
      2. Abimelech notices and asks him to leave
  2. GOD PROSPERS ISAAC (Genesis 26:17-22)

    1. Returns to the old wells Philistines had filled them with dirt
    2. Shepherds keep taking them away from Isaac
  3. GOD VISITS ISAAC (Genesis 26:23-25,37)

  1. God renews His promise with the next generation
  2. Isaac's Life
    1. Tents
    2. Wells
    3. Worship
  1. Abimelech makes a treaty with Isaac
    1. Abimelech recognizes Isaac’s rise in power
    2. God blesses Isaac with water

What about you?

  1. What example do you want to leave when you are gone?
  2. How will you glorify God in every area of your life?
  3. Where does simplicity and worship mark your life?