Goat for Supper

Genesis 27

By Stewart McCarter, October 31, 2021

(Genesis 27:1-46)

Children need their parents' blessing.

  1. LACK OF AGREEMENT (There were broken relationships)

    1. Isaac did not agree with God (Genesis 25:23)
    2. Rebekah did not agree with Isaac (Genesis 25:28)
  2. LACK OF TRUST (Broken relationships leads to a lack of trust)

    1. Isaac did not trust God - Esau's wives disqualified him (Genesis 26:34-35)
    2. Rebekah did not trust God so she deceives
    3. Jacob agrees with the deception- and plays the part
  3. LACK OF FULFILLMENT (You will never find fulfilment outside of a relationship with God) (Proverbs 10:22)

  1. Rebekah got what she wanted but lost Jacob
  2. Jacob had to flee from his family, eventually humble himself to Essau
  3. Isaac winds up with a spicy goat (a cheap substitue) His family paid a high price

What about you?

  1. Bless your children.
    1. Teach them who they are in Christ.
    2. Teach them to follow God's leadership to where they are going.
  2. Focus your family on God's promises through reading the Bible and praying together.
  3. Build trust in your family by your example and encouragement in trusting God.
  4. Repent and ask God to heal the wounds of when you gave in to “spicy goat” and not God's best.