Lying Eyes

Genesis 29:1-29

By Stewart McCarter, November 14, 2021

(Genesis 29:1-29)

It is hard to trust God is in control, but He is.

  1. BOY MEETS GIRL (Genesis 29:1-12)

    1. The setting
    2. The question
    3. An appearance
    4. Meet the family
      1. Laban is excited to hear about his family
      2. Laban draws Jacob in
  2. BOY MEETS HIS MATCH (Genesis 29:15-20)

    1. Laban is a wheeler dealer
    2. Description of the Girls
    3. Jacob reveals his heart
  3. BOY OH BOY! (Genesis 29:21-29)

  1. The complaint
    1. The time has come
    2. Laban plots
    3. Jacob is fooled
  2. The new agreement
    1. You cheated me
    2. Laban hits where it hurts
    3. Same payment again
    4. Exception of payment
    5. The sinfulness of Jacob

What about you?

  1. Your mate is God’s best gift to you, let them know this week.
  2. Where are you intentionally putting work into your relationship?
  3. God has chosen you and loves you with a perfect love.