Hope and Peace

Genesis 38 & Joshua 2

By Stewart McCarter, December 05, 2021

(Matthew 1:3,5,6,16)

Christ brings hope and peace in the midst of or anxiety and trouble

  1. 2 WOMEN/ TAMAR (Genesis 38) AND REHEB(Joshua 2)
    1. Both women were disgraced
      1. Tamar (1) Married / then widowed twice (2) Disgraced, both husbands were evil (3) Lied to and abandoned
      2. Rahab (1) Lived in a wicked city (2) Desperation led her to a shameful profession
    2. Both women had an opportunity
      1. Tamar resorted to a shameful act resulting in (1) Exposing Judah’s injustice (2) Giving birth to twins (Perez)
      2. Rahab took a treasonous chance to trust Israel’s God (1) Saved the spies (2) Saved her family (3) Incorporated into the commonwealth of Israel (4) Married Salmon and became the grandmother of David
    3. Both women chose God
      1. Tamar saved the family line to bring us to Christ
      2. Rahab saved the spies and is placed in the line of Christ
      3. In Tamar’s brokenness, there is hope. In your anxiety, hope in God.
      4. In Rahab’s wartime, she found peace .In your warfare, be at peace

What about you?

  1. God uses the low points in our life to showcase His Glory. Trust God’s redemptive thread in you life.
  2. Keep your focus on God, especially when there are a thousand distractions around you.
  3. Live in the Hope and Peace that Emmanuel brings us.