Our Weakness, God's Will

Genesis 30

By Stewart McCarter, February 06, 2022

(Genesis 30:1-43)

You cannot do God’s will man’s way.

  1. RACHEL'S SELFISHESS (Genesis 30:1-8)
  1. Establishes the knowledge of the power of God
  2. She had envy
  3. Asks the impossible (your spouse is not God)
  4. Comes up with her own answer
  5. Rachel thinks she won, no one wins in a fight of envy
  1. SIBLING RIVALRY (Genesis 30:9-24)
    1. Establishes the nation of Israel
    2. Leah begins competing
    3. Goes to a worldly answer (Makes it messier)
      1. Children are not wrong (masterpiece out of a mess)
      2. Multiple marriages is not God’s best
    4. The Mandrake incident
    5. Israel is being established (birth of Joseph)
  2. LABAN'S DEAL (Genesis 30:25-43)
  1. Establishes the blessing of God
  2. Jacob wants to leave
  3. Laban makes a deal
  4. Laban cheats on the deal
  5. Jacob acts in faith and beats Laban

What about you?

  1. Where in your life do you exhibit selfishness or envy? Repent. (Romans12:13)
  2. When your timing is not God’s timing, wait.
  3. Stay honest even when you are double crossed (Psalm 15)