The Tale of Two Brothers (Part 1)

Genesis 38

By Stewart McCarter, May 01, 2022

(Genesis 38:1-30)

Be the person you want to become.

  1. FAITHLESS IN GOOD COMPANY (Genesis 38:1-5)

    1. Left his brothers
    2. Went to Adullah
    3. Good friend Hirah
    4. Married a Canaanite
  2. FAITHLESS IN GOOD PROMISE(Genesis 38:6-11)

    1. Promised a son in marriage
    2. Promised to take care of a daughter in law

  1. Married a Canaanite woman
  2. Tamar did not have to guess what Judah would do
  3. Judah gave away his identity
  4. Judah revealed his hypocrisy

What about you?

  1. Decide to be the influence in your crowd.
  2. Keep your word.
  3. Love your wife and be faithful.