A Heart of Forgiveness

Genesis 43-45

By Stewart McCarter, June 19, 2022

Forgiveness is not optional if you want to live.

  1. INTRODUCTION (Genesis 45:1-3)

    1. Joseph's Revelation
      1. Weeping is heard in Pharaoh’s house.
      2. Brothers reaction is terror
        1. 22 years of hiding their deed
        2. 22 years of lying to their father
        3. 22 years of crushing guilt
    2. Joseph’s testimony (Genesis 45:4-15)
      1. God is mentioned by Joseph 5 times in the telling
      2. Joseph tells his brother to go tell their Dad what God had done
      3. Joseph explains the reason for God’s actions
      4. Brothers talk to him (probably confessions)
  2. THE DEPTH OF SIN (Genesis 45:1-15)

    1. The depth of brothers sin
      1. Brothers treachery
      2. Prison from Potiphar
      3. Forgotten by prisoner
      4. We have denied and forgotten Christ
    2. The depth of your sin
      1. You have sold Jesus
      2. Your sin demanded death for yourself
      3. You have aligned with the enemy of God

    1. Complete
    2. All is forgiven by grace
    3. Christ wants us to come to understanding of our sin
  4. THE REASON FOR FORGIVENESS 1. Because You are forgiven (Matthew 18:23-36) 2. Because God sees to justice, either in judgment or Jesus 3. Because God is sovereign, He has all in hand

What about you?

  1. Thank God for His forgiveness for you in Jesus Christ.
  2. Answer the question, “Who do you need to forgive?”
  3. Release all judgement and revenge to God