The End of the Beginning

Genesis 50

By Stewart McCarter, August 14, 2022

Your ability to forgive lies in your ability to be forgiven.

  1. THE END OF AN ERA (Genesis 50:1-14)
    1. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
    2. Jacob dies
    3. The Patriarch of Israel is embalmed by the Egyptians
    4. Body returned to Canaan, a sign of faith.
  2. THE END OF DIVISION (Genesis 50:15-21)
    1. The problem with betrayal is it is not done by an enemy
    2. There is un-forgiveness in the church
    3. Joseph protected the unity of the family
      1. Read church covenant
    4. Brothers are worried and make up a story
    5. Joseph forgave them 17 years ago
    6. You limit yourself when you do not forgive
    7. Joseph’s reaction?
      1. He weeps
      2. He assures
      3. Has the right perspective
  3. THE END OF JOSEPH (Genesis 50:22-26)
  1. 110 years old
  2. Asks bones to be returned to Canaan
  3. Joseph dies

What about you?

  1. Have you come to the place in your life where you have asked for forgiveness (repentance) from God?
  2. Have you forgiven those around you? What is your reaction to people?
  3. With whom do you need to reconcile and restore a relationship?