The Meek are Mighty

Matthew 5:5, Galatians 5:22

By Stewart McCarter, September 11, 2022

(Matthew 5:5) (Galatians 5:22)

Only through meekness will the world see the might of God.

  1. MEEK

    1. All these beatitudes are developed in our life as we submit ourselves to the work of the Holy Spirit in making us like Jesus. We must gather up our will and submit ourselves to the work of God within us. They are not automatic, they are developed within us. A result of obedience.
    2. “Meekness is the attitude of the soul towards another when that other is in a state of activity towards it. (The soul)” The Pulpit Commentary
    3. Gentleness under control
    4. A lack of Pride
      1. The list
    5. Greatest example is Jesus
      1. Matthew 11:29, Philippians 2:5-8, John 6:37-40
      2. Jesus entered human existence humbly (Satan became proud Ezekiel 28:11-19)
      3. Meekness defends the oppressed, not itself.
      4. Jesus was meek while he cleansed the temple Luke 19:41-48
      5. Jesus came to serve, not to be served.Matthew 20:28
      6. Humble yourself. James 4:10
    6. Meekness is counter intuitive to our sin nature and the practices of the American church. Both individually and in churches, we can become proud, corrupted like Satan by forgetting the glory that God gave us belongs to us. We seek acclaim and success when Jesus called us to faithfulness. We are called to meek servanthood, which Jesus modeled. He was born in a manger amongst the beasts, not in a palace of Glory. If we are faithful to the call to be humble servants, we will see many sons of God born into the Kingdom of God. But there will be rejoicing that God is glorified, not that we have done anything. Satan tells us to be successful, Jesus showed us how to be surrendered; Satan tells us to be powerful, Jesus showed us how to be persecuted; Satan tells us to be Bold in ourself, Jesus showed us how to be brokenhearted; Satan tells us we must be strong, Jesus showed us how to be a servant. Satan tempts us to be Hailed as a hero, Jesus showed us how to be humble.

    1. Evil men seek to rule the world. (Pinky and the Brain)
    2. Men seek to gain as much of this world as they can
    3. The meek will inherit the earth. It is a gift from the one to whom we are meek. We will reign with Christ on this Earth in the Millennium and on the new Earth after the Millennium.
  3. PEACE

  1. As with the beatitudes, the fruit is a development of our sanctification. Being made into the image of Christ.
  2. “Peace is the serenity of soul arising from the consciousness of being brought home to the favor of God and to obedience to His will.” The Pulpit Commentary
  3. Not the absence of conflict, it is the presence of God
  4. Peace comes when we do God’s will
  5. How do we display the fruit of the spirit? We display the fruit of the Spirit when we respond to the will of God in the face of opposition. This nine fold nutrition for our spiritual life is available to us as we walk in the Spirit (Galatians 5:16-18,24-26). We display peace when our enemy attacks us, we are at peace. He goes with us in the valley, He prepares a table before us, and we have no fear facing the fiery furnace, but peace.

What about you? – I hope that today you realize being meek swims upstream of everything in our culture. In our work, homes, and in our church. Christ has called us to kingdom living here and now. We must must humble ourselves to be a kingdom citizen. Exercise our will.

– Are you willing to surrender your pride, to not have your way? To become obedient to the revealed will of God in scripture? To love all men, to serve Christ by serving the need of the world. To go where the gospel has not gone or is underserved. To give your last ounce of strength to serve the will of God.