Peacemaking Made Easy

Matthew 5:9; Galatians 5:22

By Stewart McCarter, October 09, 2022

Peacemaking is not a choice, it is a requirement.

  1. The Peacemaker
  1. Jesus is the Peacemaker
  1. Isaiah 9:6
  2. Luke 2:14
  3. John 14:27
  4. Luke 24:36
  5. Ephesians 2:15
  1. The Method of Peacemaking
    1. Go before God in prayer
    2. Go to the person (Matthew 18:15)
    3. Be honest with your own feelings (Proverbs 15:1)
    4. Talk TO them, not ABOUT them
  2. The Mandate of Peacemaking
    1. The Church is called to be counter cultural
    2. The Culture sees Christ when they see the Church resolving conflict
  1. Sons of God
    1. A son inherits traits of the Father
    2. Jesus made peace with God for us (Romans 5:1)
    3. We should look like our Father
  2. Faithfulness
  1. Trust; “Persuasive or moral convictions the truthfulness of God, especially reliance upon Christ; salvation, assurance, belief
  2. To continue to do what is right
  3. God is faithful (1 John 1:9)
  4. The primary goal of the Christian peacemaker is to point people who are in conflict to the Savior,
    1. Barnabas as example of Christian Peacemaker
      1. Individual and a group (Acts 9:20-31)
      2. Between two races of people (Acts 11:19-26)
      3. Between two churches (Acts 15:1-35)
      4. Between two individuals (Acts 13:13) (Acts 15:36-40) (2 Timothy 4:11)

Are you willing to be a peacemaker, not only for the lost, but also to your fellow man and those who wound you? You can have no peace in this world until there is peace in God You cannot share Christ with others if you do not have peace with your brothers. What would Calvary look like if we all exercised the 4 steps of being at peace with each other?

What about you?

  1. Go before God.
  2. Do not wait on others to come to you, go to them. (Matthew 18:15)
  3. Be Honest with your feelings. (Provers 15:1)
  4. Talk TO them, not ABOUT them.