The Plan of Christmas

By Stewart McCarter, December 18, 2022

When you know God’s word, you know God’s plan.

    1. Appearance of angel
    2. Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph. Why Mary?
    3. Genealogy of Jesus (Luke 3:23-38)(Mary is of the house of David and her genealogy shows Jesus' ancestry back to the first man, the complete humans of Jesus)
    1. New’s of Mary
    2. Visit of an Angel
    3. Genealogy of Joseph (Matthew 1:1-17) (Shows God”s love of saving people, Revelation 7:9)
  3. WHY YES?
  1. It would seem too shocking to give such a quick answer
  2. It would seem odd to believe you are literally talking to an angel
  3. It would be a hard job to accept
  4. The only answer seems to be this: they were both looking for God to intervene in history.
  1. WHY ME?
    1. God chose you for a reason
      1. He made you (Psalm 139)
      2. He knows you
      3. He has a plan for you
      4. He has been at work since before the creation of the Earth to bring you to existence and to prepare you to follow Him

What about you?

  1. What does your faith in God's promises look like?
  2. You were made for this time and place for God’s purpose.
  3. Other than showing up on Sundays, how are you worshiping God this Christmas?