The Pattern of Prayer

Luke 10:1-21; 11:1-4; Matthew 6:7-15

By Stewart McCarter, January 22, 2023

(Luke 10:1-21) (Luke 11:1-4) (Matthew 6:7-15)

“We must have a desire to learn what we think we already know.”

  1. Jesus sends out 72

    1. Instructions to go. Minimize, heal, preach the kingdom
      1. Minimize your baggage.
      2. Preach the kingdom and heal the sick
      3. Leave the unresponsive
    2. 72 return with Joy
      1. They rejoiced the demons were subject to them
      2. Jesus told them to rejoice for a different reason (vs.20)
      3. Jesus had joy over their victory
        1. Agan - greek meaning again and
        2. Hallomai - to jump
        3. Agalliao - to jump for joy, exult.
  2. Jesus doesn't give a formula for prayer, He gives a pattern. How did you learn to pray?

  1. Another person's example
  2. Your own trial and error?
  3. The pattern of Jesus' prayer?
  1. Right Attitude in Prayer
  1. Attitude of Tenderness (Father)
  2. Attitude of Reverence ( Who dwells in heaven)
  3. Attitude of Respect ( Holy is your name)
  4. Attitude of Devotion (Your kingdom come)
  5. Attitude of Humbleness (Give up your own will)
  1. Right Relationship in prayer
  1. Relationship of Thankfulness (Give us this day, God's gifts)
  2. Relationship of Forgiveness (He forgives, so should we) Lk. 6:28
  3. Relationship of Awareness ( Temptations and Trials)
  4. Relationship of Helplessness (Only God can deliver us from sin)
  5. Relationship of Devotion (He is the creator over all)

What about you?

  1. Think about the attitude or relationship you struggle with in prayer. Repent, and ask God to help you in this area.
  2. Praying the pattern Jesus showed us involves time. Are you willing to spend more time learning to pray?
  3. This week, practice using the pattern Jesus gave us to pray.