Together We Worship

Colossians 3:12-17

By Pastor Stewart McCarter, October 29, 2023

(Colossians 3:12-17)

“Worship is not passive”

Worship - “Worship is the act of giving to God honor, glory, praise, love, adoration, thanksgiving for all that He is in Himself and also for all that He does for us, especially for giving the Lord Jesus to die for our sins”.

  1. Prepare for Worship
  1. Worship requires Godly Attitudes and Actions (12-15)
  2. God’s Chosen Ones (responsibility)
    1. Chosen
    2. Holy
    3. Beloved
  3. Put it on (dress yourself)
    1. Attitudes
      1. Compassionate hearts
      2. Kindness,
      3. Humility
      4. Meekness
      5. Patience
      6. Put on love
    2. Actions (Act right)
      1. Bearing with one another
      2. Forgiving one another
      3. Binding your hearts together
      4. Let the Peace of God rule in your hearts (1) Let: brabeuo - to arbitrate, to govern, rule (2) Peace: Eirene - to join together, peace one peace quietness, rest (3) Rule: brabeuo - To arbitrate, to govern, rule (4) Heart: kardia - the heart, figuratively - the thoughts or feelings
      5. Be thankful
  1. How to participate in Worship

    1. Worship creates a Godly Result
    2. The word of Christ dwells in us richly
      1. Let/dwell: enoikeo - to inhabit
      2. Richly: plousios - copiously, abundantly, richly
    3. Singing psalms and hymns, and spiritual songs
      1. Teaching one another - didasko
      2. Admonishing one another - noutheto - to put in mind. To caution or reprove gently
      3. With wisdom: Sophia - Wisdom
      4. You must sing, it is not an option. This verse is not about singing, it is about teaching and admonishing each other through song
  2. Praise in Worship (Psalm 100)

    1. Worship causes thankfulness towards God
      1. Everything you do
      2. Everything you say
      3. Every
  1. Do it with thankfulness
  2. Do it in the name of the Lord