Together We Forgive

Matthew 18:21-35

By Pastor Stewart McCarter, November 05, 2023

Matthew 18:21-35

Any unforgiveness you cling to separates you from God.

  1. A Higher Expectation
  1. Peter is generous in his question
  2. 3 is the rabbinical standard, 7 is the number of completion
  3. Forgiveness is not a one time act, but a continuous process
  4. Point is, do not limit your forgiveness.
  1. A Kind King

    1. Jesus uses a parable to illustrate
    2. A King is generous
    3. A denarii is one days wage, one talent is 6,000 denarii, 10,000 talents is 13,252,800,000
  2. A Wicked Servant

  1. The forgiven is not generous
  2. 100 denarii is 22,100
  3. The king makes him pay
  4. Unforgiveness can lead to self-imposed imprisonment AND separation from Gods’ grace
  1. An Ominous Reality
    1. Jesus says God will act the same way!
    2. We must embrace forgiveness as a central aspect of your Christian walk.
    3. Must forgive from our heart, not from our “has to”!
    4. Implication is that forgiveness is a choice,
      1. The true Christian will forgive. (Ephesians 4:32)
      2. Those who do not forgive do not reflect the forgiveness of God