Love's Loudest Cry

Luke 2:1-20

By Pastor Stewart McCarter, December 24, 2023

When Love cries out, a response is required.

  1. A CRY AT BIRTH (Luke 2:1-20)

    1. We have fantasized Mary and Joseph and the manger scene.
    2. We think in an overcrowded city there was no noise, in a working stable no animals stirred or made noise. and we think that the “manger” was a sterile hospital room and bed instead of a feeding trough filled with food for animals, dust, and the salivating of livestock. And we think that Mary was superhuman and experienced no pain in childbirth and Jesus did not cry.
    3. Mary and Jesus cried loudly. Why does a baby cry at birth? From a warm safe environment, he enters a place where everything is new, foreign, and frightening. Imagine the change in Jesus' environment.

    1. Mary responded to God's instructions (Luke 1:38)
    2. Joseph responded to God's instructions (Matthew 1: 24-25)
    3. Jesus cried out (Luke 2:6-7)

  1. Mary and Joseph provide the example
  2. We must cry out in repentance for salvation
  3. The loudest cry was not Mary's or Jesus at birth. The Loudest Cry of Love was heard in John 19:30 when Jesus cried out “It is finished”.


  1. You must respond to Jesus’ cry of love.
    1. No is a response
    2. Yes is a response