The Power of Reconciliation

2 Corinthians 5:11-21

By Pastor Stewart McCarter, April 07, 2024

2 Corinthians 5:11-21

Nothing is possible without reconciliation

  1. The Reason for Reconciliation Ministry (11-15)

    1. Chapters 4-5:10 show
      1. The light of the gospel
      2. The indwelling of The Holy Spirit in a jar of clay
      3. Our future in Heaven
      4. The Judgement to come
    2. Knowing the fear of the Lord, we therefore persuade men to turn to God (11)
    3. Paul emphasizes the external is not the true character (12-13)
      1. Beside himself
      2. Right mind
    4. It is the love of Christ that constrains us (14-15)
  2. The Reach of Reconciliation Ministry (16-19)

    1. Paul misjudged Christ, now he has learned to judge the truth (16)
    2. In Christ, we become brand new from the inside (17)
    3. All is through Christ, Who (18-19)
      1. Reconciled us to God
      2. Gave us the ministry of reconciliation
      3. Is reconciling the World to himself.
  3. The Right of Reconciliation Ministry (20-21)

  1. We are now Ambassadors for Christ (we speak His message)
  2. God makes His appeal through us.
  3. The extent to which God went in Christ
    1. Made Christ to be sin, who knew (was not experienced in it) not sin
    2. To transfer His righteousness to us What would we look like if we are reconciled to God and each other? Would we have more compassion? Patience? Fellowship?


  1. Are you reconciled to God through Christ?
  2. Reconcile your relationships that are broken or frayed.
  3. What would Calvary look like if we were focused on reconciliation?