If God is Good, Why Economic Inequality??

Series: If God is Good...

By Doug Kyle, July 26, 2020

The popular view of wealth Psalm 73:1-14

• God is good = If I trust God, I will be

• If I trust God and am not “blessed” = God is

Heaven’s view of wealth Psalm 73:15-28

• If I trust God = He is me
• If I trust God = He will me
• If I trust God = He can me
• If I trust God = He will me

HomeGroup Questions Summer Session 2020 WHY ECONOMIC INEQUALITY? | If God is Good …. Psalm 73 | July 26, 2020

  1. From a financial standpoint, have you been impacted by the pandemic? If not, do you know anyone in your life who has?
  1. Is financial stability ever up to us? Or is it always out of our control? Or somewhere in the middle?
  1. Read Psalm 73 and review the message outline. What point(s) would you like to discuss further?
  1. When you read Asaph's complaints in vss 1-16, what also bothers you in the same way? In other words, where can you relate to Asaph's frustration?
  1. According to the second half of the Psalm what truth(s) was Asaph's missing in the first half?
  1. Big picture takeaway from the message: If God's goodness in the believer's life does NOT necessarily mean wealth, what does it mean?

Take time to share prayer requests and pray together.