Misplaced Worship


By Doug Kyle, September 13, 2020

We know how to get rid of unwanted email, but how do we unsubscribe from the negative impact of culture? How do we opt out of the destructive influences around us?

How should we view the Ten Commandments?

God wants us to Exodus 20:1-2

How do we break the first command?

When we misplace
Exodus 20:3a

How would I know if something is becoming an idol?

If I rely on it where I should
Exodus 20:3b

How should we view the Ten Commandments?

Exodus 20:2

And Matthew 6:33

HomeGroup Questions Fall Session 2020 Misplaced Worship? | UNSUBSCRIBE Exodus 20:1-3| September 13, 2020

  1. Welcome to our Fall 2020 HomeGroups (or welcome back)! We anticipate moving from zoom meetings to face-to-face meetings soon. Thank you for caring for our church and our community by holding your first few meetings virtually. Begin by introducing any new people and catching up on how everyone’s summer went.
  1. This fall, we will be going through the Ten Commandments. When was the first time you heard about these commandments? What was your earliest impression? A bunch of rules? Not keepable? Basic? Foundational? The really bad stuff? Other?
  1. Read Exodus 20:1-3 and review the message outline. What point(s) stood out for you?
  1. Where do you feel pressure in our culture to misplace your worship? What are some of the most common ways people today make “gods” out of the wrong things?
  1. The message provided the following self-reflection questions. Which is most helpful for you when it comes to discerning what might be an “idol” in your life?
a. Am I treating this like a gift or like a god?
b. Is it good for me, or God of me?
c. Have I turned a temporary thing into an ultimate thing?
d. Does it enhance my love for God and others … or distract from it?
e. Is it doing for me something that only God should do?
  1. Why do you think this was the first commandment of the ten?
  1. Read Matt 6:33. How might applying this verse keep someone from breaking the first commandment? Explain.
  1. Is it ok to be passionate about a hobby? A sports team? A cause? How do we pursue our passions, while at the same time, not allow them to become an “idol” for us?
  1. Take some time to share prayer requests and pray. Keep a record of your prayers so you can celebrate answered prayer as the session goes on.