No Judgment Here

Best. Sermon. Ever.

By Doug Kyle, February 21, 2021

Jesus taught, “Do not judge,” and that statement is celebrated and promoted in our world. But ironically, at the same time, our culture seems more condemning than ever. So which is it? Especially as a believer? When it comes to judging, should we, or shouldn’t we?


Matthew 7:15

Matthew 7: 16-20


Matthew 7:1


Because He is

Matthew 7:1

Because you don’t want

Matthew 7:2

Because you have your own

Matthew 7: 3-4

Because instead of criticism, people need

Matthew 7:5

-But we must learn to discern when people are open for help. Matt 7:6

HomeGroup Questions

  1. Have you ever negatively assessed someone only to later discover you had completely misjudged them? Any examples you can share?
  1. Read Matt 7:1-6 and 7:15-20. Review the outline of the message. What stood out for you from this passage and message?
  1. What is the difference between the judgment Jesus forbids in vss. 1-2, and the kind of discernment required in vs. 6? How can someone be discerning about a person’s beliefs and behavior, while not also judging the person?
  1. Looking again at vss. 1-2, what is it about the human makeup that makes us inclined to judge others? What does it do for us? How does judging others make us more vulnerable? What do you think Jesus meant by vs. 2?
      1. Meyer said that we should refrain from judging others who are caught in sin because 1) We do not know how hard he or she tried not to sin. 2) We do not know the power of the forces that assailed him or her. 3) We do not know what we would have done in the same circumstances. What else would you add?
  1. How does being someone who is actively aware and working on their own faults (see vs. 5), make them better at helping others with their struggles? Can you give an example?
  1. Doug said that our culture has this backwards. Our world is NOT discerning enough when it comes to beliefs and behaviors, yet overly critical when it comes to people. Have you found that to be true? How might you wisely help a friend who believes, “Everyone has their own truth. All ways lead to God”?
  1. Following up on question 7, How might you wisely help a Christian friend who is often judgmental of other people?
  1. Take some time to share prayer requests as a group.