Now No Condemnation

Demystify - Common Sense about Life in the Spirit

By Doug Kyle, June 06, 2021

The Holy Spirit wants to lead us into a life that’s free of condemnation. But, in order to truly experience this, there are only two myths we need to shatter; and two realities we need to embrace.


Romans 8:1-3

• God’s Spirit is a nice perk but I’m

• With the Spirit, I can just


Romans 8:4

• The Spirit frees me from being spiritually

Why? Because I am already

• The Spirit frees me from being spiritually

Why? Because I am being

HomeGroup Questions:

  1. What was your first introduction to the Holy Spirit like? Calming? Mystical? Spooky, Confusing, Intriguing, Other? Any stories stand out? How has your view of the Holy Spirit evolved with time?
  1. This week we began a new series. Read all of Romans 8 and as you do notice all the places it mentions the Spirit. Now go back and zoom in on vss. 1-4. What stood out for you from the message?
  1. According to the message, why is the word, NOW, in vs. 1 so important? What other words or phrases from verse 1 enhance its meaning?
  1. The two myths about the Holy Spirit fall on different sides of the spectrum, yet they both cater to the independent nature of people that longs to be unrestrained. In your experience, which side do believers tend to lean toward?

    Don't need the Spirit, <—————> I'm under grace, I’m good enough. so I can do what I want

  1. Doug said, The Spirit frees us from being spiritually defensive.” According to vs. 4, what does that mean in your own words?
  1. How would you explain justification and sanctification to a brand new believer?
  1. What truths in this passage help you when you feel unworthy?
  1. Give an example of how the Spirit can help us live more as God intends?
  1. How can your group pray for you? Take some time to pray for one another.