A Reluctant Hero

Stories They Skip in Sunday School

By Doug Kyle, October 10, 2021


  1. God can’t be

    Judges 6:7-14

  2. I’m not

Judges 6:7-15-16

  1. I need a

Judges 6:17-20

  1. I don’t have a

Judges 6:21-24

  1. I’m concerned about what others

Judges 6:25-32

  1. I need more

Judges 6:33-38

  1. What if it’s a

Judges 6:39-40


I am you

Judges 6:12

With Me, your strength is

Judges 6:14

I will you

Judges 6:18

HomeGroup Questions:

  1. Gideon received a lot of “signs” from the Lord. Have you ever received a “sign” from God? Did you ask God for it, or did He just give it to you? Have you ever thought you received a “sign” from God that actually wasn’t?
  1. Read Judges chapter 6. Also review the outline. What would you like to discuss further with your group?
  1. What was your impression of Gideon before this message? Has it changed? If so, how?
  1. Of the 7 reasons listed about why we are reluctant to let God use us, which seem somewhat legitimate? Which are less so?
  1. Should believers ever “lay a fleece before the Lord”? That is, is there ever a situation where it would be appropriate to set out the terms you’d like God to meet to show you if He wants you to do something? Explain.
  1. Thinking of God's providence, have you ever had a If it hadn’t been for that, then this would never have happened experience? Would you consider any of those experiences as directly God working things out? Explain.
  1. In what ways do you relate to Gideon? Which of his reservations are you likely to have?
  1. Review the three items under “God's Word to You.” Which is most motivating for you? Why?
  1. List some ways your group can pray for you.