A Reliant Hero

Stories They Skip in Sunday school

By Doug Kyle, October 17, 2021

Why would God use us?

• Because we are fearless?

Judges 7:1-3

• Because we are vigilant?

Judges 7:3-8

• Because we are dependent?

Judges 7:9-22

Two Key Takeaways

• Don’t try to be weak, try to be

Judges 7:2

• Once you know you are weak, God turns it into a

Hebrews 11:32-34

HomeGroup Questions:

  1. Doug opened the message with a story about waterskiing. His mistake was trying to lift himself out of the water rather than letting the boat do it. What physical activities in your life require less trying and more trusting? Give an example.
  1. Read Judges chapter 7 and review the outline. What point(s) stood out for you?
  1. God wants His people not to fear. Is that even possible? Is that a prerequisite for being used by God? How does the account of Gideon inform your answer?
  1. Why was God’s troop reduction so severe and arbitrary? What was He trying to teach Gideon?
  1. When you think about how God reduced Gideon’s troops, what is the transferable principle to our lives today? How should a believer apply it? See 2 Cor. 12:7-10.
  1. Should a person intentionally try to limit their resources or operate out of weakness to make sure they are trusting God?
  1. Doug said that the lapping the water test in vss. 5-7 has less to do with their vigilance and more to do with making sure they didn’t boast (see vs. 2). Agree, Disagree, Expound upon?
  1. Where do you feel under resourced right now? What would depending on God look like in your situation?
  1. List some ways your group pray for you.