Don't Settle for Hometown Jesus

What Would Jesus UNdo?

By Doug Kyle , January 09, 2022


Luke 4:16-22

• L (things can and can’t do)

Luke 4:16-23a

• L (about here and now)

Luke 4:16-23b

• P (as I define them)

*Luke 4:16-23 *


Luke 4:24

• B (beyond Yes and No)

Luke 4:24-27

• G (good for everyone)

Luke 4:24-27

• P (knows our true needs)

Luke 4:24-30

HomeGroup Questions:

  1. What do you consider your hometown? What do (did) you like about it? If your group is new, or has new members, get to know each other a bit.
  1. Did you ever have a WWJD wristband? How did you apply it in your life?
  1. Read Luke 4:16-30. What stood out for you from the passage, outline, and the message?
  1. Why do you think Jesus' hometown had a hard time accepting Jesus? What does vs. 23 reveal about how the people of Nazareth saw Him?
  1. Why was it important for Jesus to reframe Himself as a prophet (vss. 24-27) and not simply a physician (vs. 23)? What's the difference? What does it mean for Jesus to be a prophet in our lives?
  1. The people’s reaction to Jesus' teaching was violent (see vss. 28-29). Why did they react so strongly?
  1. What does it mean for you to move beyond a “Hometown Jesus” mentality (refer to outline if needed)?
  1. Doug began his talk with the story of Shawn and Connor, two high school quarterbacks on opposing teams. How might God have answered their prayers for a win in a way that was brilliantly creative (not just yes or no), global (good for both players), and prophetic (knowing their true needs)?
  1. How can your HomeGroup pray for you in the upcoming week?