The Spiritual Rhythm of Activated People


By Doug Kyle, May 08, 2022

Early in my spiritual experience, I was taught that sharing my faith was something that mostly happened on activities I would schedule. It was associated with knocking on doors and crossing borders.

But then something Jesus said to his bewildered disciples after His resurrection transformed that stereotype. In those words, we discover the spiritual rhythm of activated people.

• Let God’s peace in

John 20: 19-21a

• Let God’s peace out

John 20: 21b

God’s Spirit

John 20: 22

God’s forgiveness

John 20: 23

HomeGroup Questions:

  1. We started the message with some fun Successful Mom Secrets. What sage advice did you get from your mom?
  1. Read John 20:19-23 and review the outline. How does this passage amplify and enhance your understanding of the more famous commission recorded in Matt 28:16-20?
  1. Look at the outline. What point would you like to talk about more? Turn it into a question for your group.
  1. Doug said that God's peace isn’t just for agitated times in our life. It is for ALL times. Why might a person need God's peace when they find themselves calm? Joyful? Angry? Hurt? Busy? Sick? Healthy? Explain.
  1. Look again at vs. 21. What is the connection between Jesus giving us peace and Jesus sending us? Why is it important to start any endeavor from a place of peace?
  1. Look at vs. 22. How is breathing a good analogy for the relationship between us and God's Spirit?
  1. Considering vs. 23, Doug said, we don’t pronounce people forgiven (only God does that). But we can assure people that, in Christ, they are forgiven or can be. Have you thought much about this role Jesus gave you? What would it look like?
  1. In this passage, Jesus showed that the disciples needed to receive from Him before they gave to others. What is the danger if this doesn’t happen?
  1. How can your group pray for you?