167: Worshipping God Every Hour of the Week

By Doug Kyle, January 22, 2023

Don’t be like JELLO

Romans 12:2a

  • Shaped by its

  • It then becomes

Do be like BREAD

Romans 12:2b

  • Shaped by its

  • It then becomes

If you do, God offers two (2) incredible promises:

Romans 12:2c

  • You will be spiritually

  • You will experience

HomeGroup Questions:

  1. When you were in high school, how did peer pressure impact the way you dressed? What did you wear then that you think is silly now?
  1. Read Romans 12:1-2 and review the outline and the message. What stood out for you?
  1. What are some ways that the patterns of this world squeeze us into its mold?
  1. Doug said that the verb, conform, could be considered to be in the “permissive passive.” If so, it implies that the world molds our thinking almost subconsciously. How does the believer resist this?
  1. In the message, both JELLO and BREAD were used as negative and positive analogies. What other analogies can you come up with? In other words, what is another analogy for how the world conforms us? What is another analogy for how God's Word transforms us?
  1. In what ways is God making you unique (truly you)?
  1. Think about this phrase from the middle of vs. 2:

**Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is— **

What does that mean to you? Have you experienced it? Explain.

  1. Have you recently experienced God's Word transforming your thinking? Does it also happen automatically. Or is it intentional on your part?
  1. How can your group pray for you?