Do You Really Want Jesus?

Cross Examined

By Doug Kyle, March 19, 2023

Jesus cross-examines those who arrest Him

John 18:1-9


  • Seeking Jesus will
  • Jesus wants to we have of Him
  • Instead He wants to

HomeGroup Questions

  1. Doug started the message by referring to the Question Game. Try playing it in your HomeGroup to get warmed up (note: Have a conversation only using questions. See how long you can go).
  1. Read John 18:1-9. Throughout His ministry, and even at His arrest, Jesus used questions with people. Why do you think He did so?
  1. Judas left during the Last Supper (see John 13:30). As you read the account in John 18:1-9, what do you think Judas expected? What do you think he was thinking as the encounter with Jesus ensued?
  1. What are some misconceptions people have about Jesus that He wants to remedy?
  1. How has your understanding of Jesus grown as you’ve gotten to know Him better?
  1. How could living with Jesus' question, “Who is it you want?” help prepare a believer for Easter and beyond?
  1. What do vss. 8-9 tell you about Jesus? About His work in your life?
  1. Review the three Takeaways at the bottom of the outline. What was helpful? What other takeaways from this passage would you add?
  1. How can your group pray for you?