Until Christ is Formed in You

Losing My Religion

By Doug Kyle, May 12, 2024

With all the voices in our life, how do we insure that we are on the right path spiritually?


  • Rule-based religion leads to

Gal 4:17-18

  • Grace-based faith leads to spiritual

Gal 4:19-20

CHOOSE OUR COURSE (Hint: only one way works)

Gal 4:21-24a

  • H

Gal 4:24b-25; 29

  • T

Gal 4:26-5:1

HomeGroup Questions:

  1. If you celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday, how so? Share it with your group.
  1. It’s been said, “You are what you eat.” What do you think is the motto of our culture today?
  • You are what you are
  • You are what you eat
  • You are what you tweet (on social media)
  • You are what you do
  • You are what you have
  • Other?
  1. What do you think God's motto for us is? You are what you
  1. Read Galatians 4:12-5:1 and review the outline. What stood out for you? What would you like to talk about more?
  1. Paul is incredibly personal in this section. How would you describe his relationship with the Galatians in vss. 4:12-16?
  1. Doug used the analogy of “playing the movie” to mean consider the outcome. What is the outcome of rule-based religion according to this passage? What have you seen as the outcome of rule-based religion in your life or the lives of others?
  1. How does grace lead to Christ being formed in us (see vs. 19). How have you experienced this?
  1. How does “Trusting God” lead to life change? Does it really? If it’s not about rules, what part does obedience play in the believer’s life? How is that different than legalism?
  1. How can your group pray for you?