Revelation of Jesus-Chpt 2

The Loveless Church

February 10, 2021

The Revelation of Jesus

Revelation 2:1-7 The Loveless Church: Ephesus

7 Churches

  1. Geographic representatives
  2. Same types – doctrinally and politically
  3. Not meant to represent a chronological church history
    • Parallel but not intentional
    • More of a complete picture of the spiritual condition of John’s day and throughout history

The Letters

  1. All the same style
    • Commission – greeting
    • Character of Christ
    • Commendation – good job (Except Sardis and Laodicea)
    • Condemnation – bad job (Except Smyrna and Philadelphia)
    • Correction – fix it
    • Call – to recommit
    • Compensation – promise

The City of Ephesus

  1. One of the oldest, largest cities in Asia
  2. Eastern shoreline of Aegean Sea – major harbor
  3. 300,000 – 500,000 approx. population
  4. Known for opulence, a great library and wealth
  5. Politically free (self-governing)
  6. Roman Governor of that province lived there
  7. Leading commercial city – all trade routes converged there
  8. Idol worship – Diana – god of fertility – temple of prostitutes – Seven wonders of the world
  9. The Las Vegas of the Roman Empire
  10. Church founded by Paul – 3 years of work
    • Timothy and John
    • Priscilla and Aquila as well as Apollos
  11. Great persecution towards Paul
    • Changed the spiritual climate
    • Brought to view the sin of the city
  12. The church overcame massive distractions to come to the Lord
  13. Now is a Turkish village

Revelation 2:1

  1. Angel = messenger = pastor
  2. Jesus holds the seven stars (Pastors/messengers)
    • Security of the faithful messengers
  3. Walks among the lampstands
    • He resides with authority
    • He gives vigilant supervision
    • He is ever present

Revelation 2:2-3

  1. Great traits for a church to have
    • Works
    • Labor (dealing with annoyances)
    • Patience
    • No drama
    • Tested those who claim apostleship
    • Discerning false doctrine
    • Persevered in patience
    • Labored for Jesus
    • Did not grow weary
  2. Paul was encouraged by their great works earlier (Eph.1:15)

Revelation 2:4

  1. But … you have left your first love
    • Second generation of believers
    • Great at doing but forgot how to BE
    • Orthodoxy without love
  2. First love
    • Love for Christ
    • Fervency of new believers
    • Basic priorities of church
  3. More about the doing than the being
    • Mary and Martha – Luke 10:38-42
    • Obedience over Sacrifice – Psalm 51:16-17
  4. Who left?
    • You did
    • God did not
  5. Cooling of the heart which had overtaken them in relationship to God was a dangerous forerunner of spiritual apathy which later was to erase all Christian testimony in this important center of Christian influence - John F. Walvoord

Revelation 2:5

  1. Repentance allows for a return
  2. Remember where you fell from and return to it
    • Spiritual defection whether mind or heart, comes from forgetting that which was known
  3. Repent – change attitude and resume with fervent love
  4. First works
    • In love to God
    • In love to Others
    • As you did in the beginning
  5. Do it or be removed as an influence

Revealtion 2:6

  1. Great job in hating enemies of truth
  2. Nicolaitans
    • Nikao – to conquer
    • Laos – the people
    • Forerunners of clerical hierarchy imposed upon the laity robbing them of spiritual freedom (God-Man-man)
    • Licentious sect advocating for complete freedom – heathen feast and free love
    • Nicolaus
      • One of the first deacons
      • Left his Christian doctrine
      • Lived in unrestrained indulgences
      • Greek vision of the Hebrew word Balaam
      • Both mean the same
      • Same description of an evil teacher using influence over people to bind them in heresy
      • Taught immorality and idolatry

Revelation 2:7

  1. Listen up – to the overcomers
    • Special class of believers
    • Term for all Christians (I John 4:4, 5:4-5) **
  2. Eat of the tree of life
    • Adam and Eve – sealed without redemption
    • Moved to the “Paradise of God” (Rev. 22:2)
    • We all will eat of it

4 Takeaways

  1. Correct doctrine means one has love for God.
  2. Lack of love for the Lord is a lack of love to the brethren.
  3. Do not rest on past accomplishments.
  4. To correct a departure from God, we must sometimes go back to when and where the departure began.


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