Revelation 3:7-13

The Faithful Church: Philadelphia

April 16, 2021

The Revelation of Jesus Christ Revelation 3:7-13 – (The Faithful Church: Philadelphia)

Commission-Church in Philadelphia

  1. The Church age – 1750-Now
  2. Philadelphia Church
    1. City of brotherly love
    2. Evangelistic church
    3. Spiritually alive
    4. The faithful church
    5. The ideal church
  3. Small and poor compared to Sardis
    1. 28 SE
  4. Dynamic and faithful church
  5. Youngest of the seven churches
  6. Hermus river valley
    1. Founded by King Attalus of Pergamum (140 BC)
    2. Volcanic mountain range
    3. Many earthquakes
    4. Destroyed in AD 17
    5. Rebuilt by Tiberius
  7. Known for its fertile soil
    1. Grapes
    2. Textiles
    3. Leather goods
  8. Strong fortress because of its high position
    1. Roman Empire post
    2. Gateway to the East
  9. Today – Alasehir
    1. Predominately Islamic


  1. He who is Holy and True
    1. Set apart
    2. Separated from sin/sinners
    3. No holiness without truth
      1. Correct doctrine
      2. Correct living
    4. Distinct from all the others because He is the truth
  2. He who has the key of David
    1. Isaiah 22:20-22
      1. Eliakim had the key to Hezekiah
      2. Complete authority
      3. Complete responsibility
    2. Jesus will be given the Key of David
      1. Complete authority
      2. Complete responsibility
      3. Access to all of the kingdom of God
  3. Open and Shut
    1. Complete and total authority
      1. What He opens, no one else can shut and the reverse is also true

Commendation Revelation 8-9

  1. A little strength

    1. Not because they were weak
    2. Everything was against them
    3. Their real strength came from the Lord
    4. Numerically small
    5. Faithful and spiritually strong
  2. Kept My word

    1. Faithful
    2. Living righteously before those who didn’t
  3. Did not deny my name

    1. Stayed true to their calling
    2. Honored His name by how they lived
  4. Their reputation was strong in their community

    1. He will cause those against them to worship at their feet
      1. Psalm 23:5
    2. Let them see God’s goodness towards the church
    3. Strong because of their consistent faith in Him
  5. The real strength came from the Lord **God does not need naturally gifted vessels for His service (1 Cor. 1:26-29) but yielded people through whom He can minister. (2 Cor. 4:7-15). (Levy)

    • The open door v8 o Gospel witness and missionary activity o Open door to the kingdom even though the temple was closed to the Christ following Jews •Not meant to be mean towards the Jews o But meant to differentiate between those following Christ and those teaching false doctrines

No Condemnation

Reward Revelation 3:10-12

  1. Command to persevere
    1. James 5:10-11
    2. 2 Peter 1:5-8
  2. Because the church has persevered
    1. Keep “you”
      1. All believers
    2. “from”
      1. Preposition from – out of
      2. Not die – through
        1. Daniel 9:27
        2. Matthew 24:21
    3. Affect the whole earth
      1. Covid has been the only thing which has affected the whole earth since the flood
      2. Setting the stage?
    4. Hour of trial
      1. Period of time
      2. Tribulation – testing
      3. Not just a trial but a period of time for these trials
  3. Proof text for a Pre-Tribulation rapture
    1. Reward for the true followers
  4. He is coming quickly
    1. I Thessalonians 5:1-2
    2. No delay
    3. Comes with intention and purpose


  1. Hold fast
    1. Stay focused
    2. Hang on
  2. Persevere in order to overcome


  1. A pillar
    1. Earthquakes are rampant
    2. Strong pillar is needed and revered
      1. They/we will appear as a strong pillar during the chaos
        1. Strong
        2. Steady
        3. Immovable
      2. They/we will be made to resist as well
  2. Name of God
    1. His name reflects His character
    2. Having His name written on us symbolizes us now having His character
  3. Name of the city of God
    1. Promise of the New Jerusalem
  4. Christ’s new name
    1. Full revealing of Him


  1. Great awakenings during this time period
    1. Four of them
      1. Started with Jonathan Edwards/Wesley
    1. Last was Billy Graham, Charismatic and Jesus movement
    2. Are we due for a new one?
  2. This is what takes place in verse 9
    1. Those around the Christian church in Philadelphia will be made to see the goodness of God through them
    2. They will turn to God


  1. Remain faithful to good doctrine during time of change
  2. A key to stability is recognizing who Christ is
  3. The open door generally represents opportunity
  4. We will gain a new name and a new nature