Revelation 13 – Beast of the Land and Beast of the Sea

October 06, 2021

The Revelation of Jesus Christ Revelation 13 – (Beast of the Land and Beast of the Sea)

Holy Trinity – God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit Unholy trinity – Antichrist (Satan), antichrist (beast of the sea), and false prophet (beast of the land). Just as John the Baptist paved the way for Jesus, the false prophet does the same for the antichrist.

Revelation 13:1 – John saw

  1. Stood on the island looking over the Mediterranean Sea to Rome
  2. The city of seven hills
  3. Lays across the Mediterranean Sea
    1. Out of the sea
      1. Gentile nation could produce the antichrist
      2. Still could be Jewish
    2. Some say it will be Iraq
    3. Others believe it is a European area
  4. Saw a beast
    1. Beast used 28x in The Revelation
    2. Antichrist is not used in New Testament except in…
      1. 1 John where it is used four times
      2. 2 John where it is used two times
      3. Two usages for Antichrist
      1. 1 John 2:18 – Antichrist
      2. Others are generally a type of antichrist – (Nero, Hitler, etc.)
    3. Man of lawlessness or son of perdition (2 Thessalonians 2:3)
    4. Foolish shepherd – Zechariah 11:15-17
    5. King who exalts himself – Daniel 11:36-45
    6. The coming world ruler
      1. Little horn (Daniel 7:8)
      2. Coming prince (Revelation 9:26)
      3. Willful king (Revelation 11:36)
      4. Rider of the white horse (Revelation 6:2)
    7. Remnants of the revival of the Roman Empire
      1. Oppose God
      2. Could be successive ruler or simultaneous
      3. Could be seeing all this as historic or prophetic
      1. Historic – already happened – preterist
      2. Prophetic – going to happen
      1. Most likely future – after these things
    8. Will most likely be a man
      1. Out of the sea … of humanity
      2. There are many types of antichrists
        1. Some thought Judas, Nero, Hitler, Mussolini, Kennedy, Kissinger, etc.
      3. Raised up by Satan
      4. This antichrist
        1. Will be counterfeit
        2. Brilliant
        3. Means in place of
  5. Quick review
    1. Appears in the latter days of the rapture
    2. Epitome of all Gentile world power
    3. Gains control of Europe (confederacy)
    4. Gains economic and political control of entire world (one world government)
    5. Gains power by promising world peace
    6. Deceives nation (intelligence, persuasiveness, and power)
    7. Peace treaty with Israel
    8. Breaks the treaty and demands to be worshipped as God
    9. Adversary of Israel
    10. Receives power and authority from Satan
  6. As the global leader
    1. World dictator
    2. Creates a ten-nation confederation
    3. Could be divided into ten territories
    1. Each would have a king
    2. Financial safety
    3. These ten will give their power and authority to the beast
  7. Ten horns and seven heads with ten crowns

Revelation 13:2 – The description

  1. Like a leopard
    1. Alexandrian empire of Greece
    2. Swift
  2. Feet of a bear
    1. Medo-Persian empire
    2. Strength and tenacity
  3. Mouth of a lion
    1. Babylon
    2. Majestic
  4. Daniel announces it the other way – lion, bear and then leopard
    1. Daniel sees it as the future
    2. John sees as the past
  5. The power and authority come from Satan
  6. This empire will be the strongest ever

3 – His mortal wound

  1. If it means he dies
    1. Only God is able to give life back
    2. Satan is able to mimic God through the antichrist – Matthew 24:24
  2. If it means he doesn’t die
    1. Could be the Roman government which has died and will revive
    2. If it is a person
      1. Wounded unto death but recovers
      2. Suffers a mortal wound but miraculous recovery
      3. Failed assassination
      1. Zechariah 11:15-17
      2. Could be a traumatic brain injury
  3. Either way, causes all to be amazed
    1. Ultimate service to the antichrist

Revelation 13:4 – Worshipping the Dragon (Satan)

  1. Ultimate form of apostasy
  2. Believes he is ultimately powerful
    1. World falls for him
  3. Could be the beginning of the tribulation (three and half years)
    1. For all to believe in him with full trust

Revelation 13:5-6 Time period

  1. Three and half years
  2. Loud and obnoxious
  3. Boastful and blasphemous
  4. Could be around before all this and in power
  5. At first complete trust of Israel
  6. Last part of tribulation he will show true form
  7. Complete blasphemy against God and all things associated with Him
    1. God’s name
      1. Casting all direct aspersions on His person
    2. His tabernacle
      1. Against His dwelling place
    3. Those who dwell in Heaven
  8. He will be super convincing and powerful but always talking

Revelation 13:7 – He will be amazing

  1. He will be able to do what others tried and couldn’t
    1. He will rule the world
  2. It will be a counterfeit version of the millennial reign
  3. Empowered by Satan
  4. Makes war against God’s people
  5. Most likely all believers die as martyrs

Revelation 13:8 – One world government

  1. Entire world will be under political domination
    1. All will worship the beast except for those who follow God
  2. The entire world will include Jews and Gentiles
  3. Not written in the book of life
    1. All written from the beginning
      1. Blotted out once they die without faith
    2. Prophetic
      1. Those who worship the beast can’t be written in the book of life

Revelation 13:9-10 Come and Hear

  1. World worship and world religion of the beast
  2. Invitation to hear
    1. Extremely important
  3. Could be further confirmation the church is gone
    1. Doesn’t mention the church as it does in chapters two and three
    2. Anyone who will hear – anyone
  4. There will be divine retribution
    1. Those who persecute or kill will feel the full retribution from God
    2. Both an encouragement and warning