Do you Fear God?

By Doug Lohrey, May 15, 2022

Think about the last time you were really afraid?

Let’s talk about the Biblical account of Isaac’s birth Genesis 17:15-19 Genesis 18:9-15

Some Characteristics of people who fear God

  1. When we fear God, people around may not understand us. Genesis 22:4-5, Genesis 22:6-7
  1. When we fear God, we will be obedient to Him Genesis 22:2-3 and Genesis 22:9-11
  1. When we fear God, we will be intimately acquainted with Him Genesis 22:1 and Genesis 22:11
  1. When we fear God, we will walk openhandedly Genesis 22:12

What does fearing God mean after looking at these thoughts?

The simple meaning: to revere, to honor, to respect, to hold in awe

Many times, we think of fearing God as a bowing down before him, but it is so much more!

James 2:18-22