Only in the Presence of the Lord

By Mike Proud, July 03, 2022

Exodus 33:12-17

Proposition: Moses understood the significance of the Lord’s presence which was evidenced in his unwillingness to leave Sinai without Him. Only as we seek the presence of the Lord will we find what it really means to walk with the Lord.

Key Words & Terms

yada: “know, known,” Exodus 33:12, Exodus 33:13, Exodus 33:16. This Hebrew root verb has a variety of meanings from an expression of knowledge to the delight of intimacy. To know the Lord, or be known by Him, is more than informative, it is relational.

Only in the Presence of the Lord Can We…

  1. Experience true the Lord, Exodus 33:12-14.

  2. Embrace our true the Lord Exodus 33:15-17.